Additional Policies

All the copper bands for rings and copper cuffs are handmade by me.  There are times that I use focal elements in my jewelry to add to a piece.  When this occurs, I will credit the brand of the added element that I am using.  I hand pick every gemstone or natural stone that I use in my jewelry. 

Over time, some of the materials that I use will oxidize.  It is always recommended to keep any copper or sterling silver in zip lock bags when not being worn to slow down this process.  You can always use a gentle jewelry cloth to bring back the shine to your piece if it begins to oxidize.  Chemical reaction to copper might occur causing a person's skin to appear greenish after wear.  This is only temporary.  If this does occur, you can apply a thin coat of clear nail polish to the back of the ring or cuff to help prevent this.  

After continuous wear, jewelry pieces can become weak & break.  If your piece should unfortunately break, I will be happy to repair it for you!  Please try to save any/all stones since replacements may not be available.  Many repairs can be made free of charge less shipping costs.  Please reach out to me if you have a piece that needs repair.   In the end, I want you to enjoy your piece of jewelry for a long time!